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Fisher-price Imaginext Dc Super Friends Helicopter

Imaginext Dc Super Friends Helicopter


Model: X7652
UPS: 746775164997
Package Quantity: 1

Do you need to pick up a figure? Imaginext Dc Super - a great figure manufactured by Fisher-price is really fun Batman aciton figure. I in fact loved that the figure had the feature of the batcopter gives batman a new way to chase down villains. Additional features include rotating helicopter blades and batman figure included. It's 4"H x 9.4"L x 3.5"W. The figure comes with a warranty of no warranty supplied by the manufacturer. Where to buy the Imaginext Dc Super . Should you need a great deal for this figure, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button on this page.

Imagine. Imagination and Creativity • Imaginations take flight as kids create awesome adventures with their favorite superhero! Batman is required in the city fast and the only way they can get there in time is with a single of Batman's amazing rides like the Batcopter! The Batcopter is equipped with a spinning rotor and a claw for daring rescues from the air. Curiosity and Discovery • Discovering that pressing the trigger turns the landing gear into a claw teaches boys cause and impact. Fine Motor • Squeezing a trigger and putting Batman TM in the cockpit aren't just fun to do-they also support with finger/hand dexterity.


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