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Batman Power Attack Batmobile Vehicle

Batman Power Attack Batmobile Vehicle


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For everybody who is shopping for a figure We have come up with some info. Batman Power Attack Batmobile Vehicle makes a great Batman figure! I really loved that it had the feature of one of batman's most iconic vehicles, the batmobile. Other highlights include things like cruise around gotham city with batman. It's dimensions are 8.5" Height x 15" Length x 7.5" Width. The figure comes with a warranty of one year warranty against defects by the manufacturer. Shopping for the Batman Power Attack Batmobile Vehicle . To purchase this product now at the best price, click on our partners via the button.

Batman Power Attack Total Destruction Batmobile: The best way to cruise Gotham City is from behind the wheel of the Batmobile. 5 inches Features include:One of Batman's most iconic vehicles, the BatmobileCruise about Gotham City with BatmanKids will love playing out their favorite chase scenesSleek and modern, with oversized racing wheelsSure to drive the imagination of kids and collectorsRecommended Ages: 4-12 yearsProduct Dimensions: 15 x 7. The Power Attack Batmobile enables kids to play out exciting chase scenes with their favorite six-inch characters cruising in full-security about the streets of Gotham City. 5 x 8. The sleek, modern day look, oversized racing wheels and aerodynamic design give kids and collectors the perfect vehicle to drive their imagination.


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