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Dc Direct Batman: Arkham Asylum Series 2: Batman (armored) Action Figure

Batman Arkham Asylum Series 2 Batman

DC Direct

Model: JUL100276
UPS: 761941297828
Package Quantity: 1

Batman: Arkham Asylum Series 2: Batman is a must own figure. There's no doubt that you will like that the figure comes along with batman (armored) measures 7" high to top of ears. Other features include things like character-appropriate accessories, multiple points of articulation and each figure includes display base. UPC# 761941297828. It's 7" Height x 4" Length x 4" Width. It has a weight of 0.64 lbs. The warranty for the Batman aciton figure is, guaranteed against defects. I would like for you to get the best price when selecting a figure for your kids!

This version is clad in a sculptured armor chassis patterned following the common Batman costume, complete with gold utility belt and billowing black cape. Blackmailing Gotham with all of the threat of explosives scattered throughout the city, the Joker forces Batman to enter Arkham Asylum alone. Batman learns of the Jokers exploitation from the chemical substance, Titan, a powerful derivative of Venom ultimately the Joker intends to create his own army of superhuman monsters by leaking Titan into Gotham Citys water supply, leaving Batman to the activity of devising an antidote.


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